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The Pinoy Auto Trader team is made up of three incorporators with shared knowledge in online marketing and web development who recognize the continuing growth and potential of the automotive industry in the Philippines. Pinoy Auto Trader is part of SirQo.com, Inc.

Nick Aguilos
Augustianne Laurenne Barreta

Pinoy Auto Trader provides tools to connect car buyers with private car sellers and car dealerships. More than a service for private car buyers and sellers, these tools allow car dealerships to present their business with a well-designed, logical interface while providing them with real time analytical market data to help them make better business decisions.

The technology implemented in Pinoy Auto Trader includes a fully-functional client CMS that allow new and used car dealerships to manage their own micro-sites. Pinoy Auto Trader also has dynamic advertising options and a simple classified car listing interface for private users to publish their listings. Pinoy Auto Trader is more than just a classified advertising website, but a resource for a whole industry to do business through.

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